Contributions to Journey Services

Journey Services does not solicit funds for its operations, but depends on those whom the Lord prompts to give. This is our personal conviction, not something we hold as an obligation for all believers. We follow this non-solicitation policy for three reasons:

  • The apostle Paul, supported himself, but never asked for funds for his own ministry. When the Philippian church chose, of their own volition, to support his ministry, he gratefully accepted their assistance (Phil 4:10ff.; Acts 18:5).
  • So many ministries need money for so many activities and we do not want to be in any competition for funds. We follow the dictum of Hudson Taylor, “God’s work done in God’s way will never lack God’s support.”
  • Sadly, we are deeply aware of ministries whose fundraising and marketing schemes can shade from misrepresentation to outright deception. We are involved in parts of the world that hold deep skepticism for missions fundraising because they are aware of the gimmicks and even misappropriation of funds. We choose to stay away completely from the fundraising industry in order to distance ourselves from such perceptions.

For these reasons, we will never solicit funds. Should God prompt you to give to the work of Journey Services, you can contribute by check or by PayPal.


Make your check out to Journey Services and mail it to:
Journey Services, 12230 Teegarden Lane, Independence, KY 41051.


One Time PayPal Contribution