Journey Services Update (20170930)

“I’ve been everywhere, man!” September’s traveling theme song for Journey Services.

Book Update

Christian Barriers to Jesus released in July and is now available in both print and Kindle versions from the following sources:

Two Major Road Trips

On the Road with Adventure Mobile

On the Road with Adventure Mobile

In August we traded in the “Toaster” (our old Scion xB) for a new Nissan Versa. The Toaster had over 180,000 miles and was going to need $3000 for repairs and fixes. Our new car, the “Adventure Mobile,” had only 5700 miles when we got it but had been on the lot for nearly a year. What was wrong with it? It had manual locks and roll-down windows, so most people didn’t want it without the electric conveniences. We were glad to take it off their hands for a sweet deal and the grandkids all think the “retro” roll-down windows are amazing!

Toronto Satsang

Toronto Satsang

At the start of August, our new car had 5700 miles. When we were on our way home at the end of September’s trips the odometer passed 12000 miles! Six thousand miles, just like that!

  • Several trips to Indianapolis for Margaret’s counseling and consulting work, but also time with our five Indianapolis grandkids.
  • Trip #1 took us to Toronto, Canada; Jamaica, Vermont; Albany, NY; Parsippany, NJ; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; then the long drive home.
  • Trip #2 took us to the Evangelical Missiological Society in Dallas with meetings all the next week; a weekend visit with some of our sponsors in Wichita, Kansas; then meetings with friends in Joplin, Missouri.

Many of the conversations on both trips included Paul’s book and its implications for various challenges and contexts. The call for Jesus’ incarnational spirit among people of different cultures and faiths is resonating with diverse audiences around the country and around the world.

House Fellowships

Everywhere we travel or speak, we encounter Christians find that the traditional institutional church is preventing them from serving people or living for the Lord as He is leading them. My book explores how the traditional model can be a barrier to significant numbers of people in the Indian context. But the same issues are resonating with a growing segment of believers here in the US also. Just in September, we talked with believers involved in house fellowships in Cincinnati, Dallas, Wichita, Joplin, and Indianapolis.

Prayer Requests

  • Thank the Lord with us for providing a low-mileage set of reliable wheels for a really good price. It has made our travels less of a concern.
  • We were blown away by the connections God made in September with people and groups from various backgrounds.
  • We thank God that the book is finally out and available. We have personally sold or given out 127 copies since the book released. We are still waiting to hear how many copies have sold in other sources. The William Carey director told us It will take a while for those numbers to become available because of the auditing procedures between the printer, distributor, and publisher.
  • Pray that God uses Christian Barriers to Jesus to spark revival and renewal across the US and around the world. It is fostering intriguing conversations with people in many disparate contexts about what is essential for following Jesus and what are dispensable cultural inventions.
  • Continue to pray for our marriage relationship that the Lord will help us to grow closer and stronger as the demands, travels, and requests for our time and attention grow. Our relationship is great and getting better. We just want to pray for protection because Satan often attacks leadership and influence through marital breakdowns or conflicts.