Journey Services Update (20170805)

So this Journey Services Update (20170331) is going to be short and sweet. July was supposed to be a quiet, down month after our busy travels in June and our intensive travels August through November. But we blinked and July is gone! Where did it go?

  • With Christian Barriers to Jesus at the printers, Paul ramped up his online networking through the blog sites and the MailChimp mailing list.
  • Margaret carried a normal counseling load after being gone for much of a month.
  • We spent good time with the grandkids and even did a sleepover with all at our house
  • Paul ended up having numerous online discussions and meetings with interested people as word about the book spreads. This is opening up interesting connections in the US, Europe, and Asia.
  • While Margaret attended a family wedding in Atlanta where the adopted kids were able to meet some of Margaret’s extended family for the first time.
  • Paul attended an At Work on Purpose Leadership Summit; then the board meeting for COMENSERV, the ministry of Don Tingle with which Journey Services is now affiliated; and then a celebration banquet for OneIN, a micro-finance/micro-enterprise program.
  • Rex Leonard, a faculty member at our partners Lakeview Bible College and Seminary (Chennai, India) spent several days with us after speaking at the OneIN banquet. It was such a treat to host him at our place after he and his wife and daughters have taken such good care of us on so many trips.
  • Margaret was asked to spend a day at the Christian Missionary Fellowship Furlough Retreat so that people could meet her who might be interested in the counseling services she is providing on a contract basis.
  • We had a number of individuals and couples in our home over the month for counseling or coaching as they sought our help to process different life journeys. Our mission is to serve people who face challenging cultural and spiritual journeys. Many of these folks were wrestling with complex interactions between culture and faith in processing what the Lord was doing at different stages in their lives. The Lord uses us to listen, help them probe and explore what the Lord seems to be saying, and then help them identify the next steps he wants them to take. We don’t always have all the answers, but we regularly come before the One who does have all the answers. James 1:5, “If anyone lacks wisdom, let him ask of God…” is as relevant today as when the ink was just drying from James’ pen.
  • Paul continued to work on automated messaging from the MailChimp account to people with different interests in Christian Barriers to Jesus.
  • He also spent time preparing his parts of the lessons for the OpportunitiesNow Myanmar trip

Information about Christian Barriers to Jesus

Paul was excited all month just knowing that the book was getting ready to release. He had not heard a date from the publisher or the printer. But on July 14th, he discovered that the book had shown up on Amazon! It was officially out there for pre-order. Now he could send links to the page and let people know it was getting closer.

Sign up for the mailing list to receive more information about the book, about future releases of versions for Kindle and Audible, and for Indian editions. You will also get reading guides and answers to questions as conversations begin to grow about this book.

Now that the book has purchase sites, here are the links to the William Carey Library site and the Amazon site: (20% discount; $18.39) (Retail; $22.99)

Prayer Requests

  • We are grateful for the many ways the Lord has used us to encourage, counsel, and coach people this month, in often unanticipated ways
  • We thank God that the book is finally at the point of release!
  • Pray that God uses Christian Barriers to Jesus to spark revival and renewal across the US and around the world. It is fostering intriguing conversations with people in many disparate contexts.
  • Pray that we will have the focus and direction for what the Lord really wants us to do in the middle of a growing array of opportunities
  • Pray for our marriage relationship that the Lord will help us to grow closer and stronger as the demands, travels, and requests for our time and attention grow