Journey Services Update (20170526)

In this Journey Services update we introduce Paul’s upcoming book Christian Barriers to Jesus.

PENNINGTON Christian Barriers Book Cover-Full

I Have a Book Cover

After five years of conversations and research, and two years of drafting, writing, and polishing, the final book manuscript is with William Carey Library. Just last week, they sent me the cover art for Christian Barriers to Jesus: Conversations and Questions from the Indian Context.

I originally wrote this book for two audiences:

  • Followers of Jesus who stay within their Hindu culture and community, but who often are challenged by Christians for doing so. This book provides scriptural answers to some of the common questions that their choice raises. It affirms their faithfulness to Jesus and Scripture in the face of such questions.
  • Indian Christians who told me of many traditions and practices they knew Hindus found offensive and alienating, yet Christians followed them anyway because they thought that is what Jesus wanted. This book explores how Scripture actually challenges some common assumptions that Christians acknowledged could be problematic, even when Jesus had nothing to do with them.

Reader Comments

Here is what a few readers have said about Christian Barriers to Jesus.

Dr. Pennington points out an essential and clarifying truth, and he does so beginning with the title. Christians have erected barriers between the peoples of the earth and Jesus.
Timothy Shultz, author Making Disciples among Hindus

… a path-breaking work which examines systematically the obvious, and, the more subtle, factors that keep most Indian people from becoming disciples of Jesus Christ.
Peter Ignatius, president Lakeview Bible College & Seminary, Chennai, India

The biblically reasoned curricula that has emerged, so long overdue, promises to free the log jam of misunderstanding surrounding incarnational witness among Hindus today.
Brad Gill, editor International Journal of Frontier Missiology

It’s one of the best books on contextualization.
Masilamani Selvaraj, professor Lakeview Bible College & Seminary

Why Read Christian Barriers?

  • You will find your view of Jesus and his relationship to cultures will be sharpened.
  • You will be encouraged to read and apply Scripture in more scriptural ways.
  • You will be challenged to honestly put Jesus and the Scripture he inspired above human traditions, assumptions, and inventions.
  • You will wrestle with fundamental questions about contextualization and inter-cultural relationships, at deeper levels than you realized they needed to be addressed.

Prayer Requests

  • Thanksgiving that Paul’s book, Christian Barriers to Jesus, is nearly ready to start printing sometime in the next month.
  • Pray for wisdom and focus as we regroup from our last round of travels and prepare for an extensive schedule this summer and fall.
  • Pray specifically for partners with whom we can work in fleshing out and applying the lessons learned from Christian Barriers to Jesus. We sense that God is wanting to use us to help people who are wrestling with traditional church forms and searching for scriptural and faithful “new wineskins.” We need discernment as we seek those God wants us to collaborate with in this next phase of ministry.