Journey Services Weekly Update (20170512)

Paul's Old Lenovo Twist

Paul’s Old Lenovo Twist




In this Journey Services Weekly Update we finally make some needed technology upgrades. Improving our stewardship of the Lord’s time and money.

Phasing out an Old Workhorse

When I left CCU four years ago, we had to get me a new computer to replace the ones the school always provided. That Lenovo ThinkPad Twist has traveled with me all through our journey into the Christian Barriers to Jesus. I used to to write up and organize my notes as I researched the issues. All of the drafts and final versions of the book were written on that machine. For a several years it reliably started up and handled all the tasks I threw its way.

In the last six month, though, it became increasingly obstructive. Maybe it acquired too many barriers from processing them for so long. When I started it in the morning, it would take 20 minutes to wake up and start to cooperate. Sometimes, before I had barely started writing, it would slow to a crawl and type one letter every 3-5 seconds. Over the last three months, especially, I lost increasing amounts of productive morning time just waiting for the Twist to do anything.

I am grateful that this machine made it through the entire process of getting my book ready for publication. As I write this, final files are transferring from the old workhorse to my new machine.

New Technology

So this week the Lord provided the resources and a down week to upgrade our technology. For half of what I paid for the Lenovo Twist, I found a new Lenovo Ideapad Flex 4. With an I7 processor, 16 GB RAM, and a 512 GB solid state drive, I am able to start up in 5 seconds and get to work. This machine will let me do audio and video recording that I have wanted to do as a next step in our teaching and training.

This week was a relatively slow week after two months of meetings, presentations, and intensive writing. So I purchased the new machine first thing Monday and started the process of installing software, transferring files, and setting things up to work in the most efficient way for my processes. It’s Wednesday and I’m already mostly up and running with a machine that now lets me get so much more done in the same amount of time than I have for several months now.

We’ve also been in a phone carrier that raised rates well over $100 a month for the two of us. But they did not provide updates for our Windows phones, both of which started dying in the last few weeks. So this week, we also switched to Google’s Project Fi. We are paying $25 less per month and that includes payments on two new Android phones that actually work and updated to the latest Android operating system (7).

Paul's Upgraded Workstation

Paul’s Upgraded Workstation

So my (Paul’s) new computer is now on the desk and working. It hasn’t glitched, slowed, hung up, or frozen! This is where so much of my research, global networking, writing, blogging, and preparation takes place. I am so grateful

An Indian friend and I had been meditating daily on Proverbs 3:5-6, then sharing how we incorporate that mindset into our busy daily lives:

Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and do not rely on your own understanding. In all your ways know him and he will direct your paths.

In the middle of the slow computer and wrestling about when to switch technology, I did keep trying to focus on the Lord and talk with him about it. I wanted to be content and thankful that I had something to work with. I honestly told him my frustrations when things really slowed down. In his timing, he direct me to a solution that will last for years, came in way under budget, and is now a daily reminder that he does direct and lead even in small things.

Prayer Requests

  • Thanksgiving that Paul’s book, Christian Barriers to Jesus, is nearly ready to start printing sometime in the next month.
  • Pray for wisdom and focus as we regroup from our last round of travels and prepare for an extensive schedule this summer and fall.
  • Pray specifically for partners with whom we can work in fleshing out and applying the lessons learned from Christian Barriers to Jesus. We sense that God is wanting to use us to help people who are wrestling with traditional church forms and searching for scriptural and faithful “new wineskins.” We need discernment as we seek those God wants us to collaborate with in this next phase of ministry.