Journey Services Weekly Update (20170407)

Sikh Golden Temple, Amritsar (2015) (Journey Services)

Sikh Golden Temple, Amritsar (2015)

I’m writing this Journey Services Update a day early, because tomorrow (Friday) we head to Michigan to teach the Perspectives course at four locations.

  • Paul has started writing content for our Journey Services site and for his blog, Paul’s Journeys (check some of his early thoughts out).
  • William Carey sent back a few more minor reference edits they wanted fixed, and that was done and back to them in 3 hours. Book is getting closer.
  • We’ve been working for several weeks to rework our presentation of Perspectives Lesson 13 – “Spontaneous Church Multiplication”
    Much that India has taught us over the last few years has led us to reexamine the language we use and approaches we now advocate. That required substantial reworking of material we have presented for years. In addition, Margaret and I are able to travel together and team-teach this lesson for the first time. So we also had to consolidate a joint presentation out of two standalone ones we have done in the past.
    We are excited to take this on the road and share what the Lord has been teaching us to people who are eager to help other people meet Jesus.
  • We had a really good meeting with our new partner, Don Tingle (COMENSERV). Part of our conversation involves how to work together on web presence for both COMENSERV and Journey Services to accurately portray who we are and what we do for those we work with in the US and overseas. That presents some significant challenges, that we are working through currently.

Prayer Needs

  • We need prayer for strength and clear communication as we speak at four sites in four days.
  • The last few months have involved a number of transitions for us. In some ways those have clarified things. In others they have left us with new options and possible directions. The emotional side is catching up and we at times feel distracted, unfocused, and even overwhelmed. Many possibilities are opening up before us. We need focused prayer for our relationship with the Lord in the middle of this—we want to focus on Him in the middle of the uncertainty We want to hear His leading for next steps. And we need to focus on the things we should attend to now, while less certain things are still shaping.
  • Our Perspectives speaking has led to new connections and opportunities already. Pray for wisdom as we explore those and how Journey Services might come alongside new people who want our counsel or consulting.
  • Thank God that Margaret and I can travel and speak together over 7 Perspectives nights in the next three weeks. Pray that the Lord will use us to instruct and inspire the classes each night as they consider God’s will for their lives.

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