Journey Services – About Us

Journey Services, the ministry of Paul and Margaret Pennington, serves people who face challenging cultural and spiritual journeys.

Who We Are

Paul and Margaret in a Worker Retreat in India

Discussing Ministry Needs in India

Paul and Margaret Pennington have worked cross-culturally and aided cross-cultural believers and workers for 40+ years.

We started Journey Services in 2012 as an umbrella for services we have provided for a long time. Some donors wanted to contribute to our work, and that required a channel for them to do so (see our non-solicitation statement under the Contributions tab).

What We Do

If that sounds somewhat vague, it’s because the Lord leads us to serve others in various ways.

  • We research and explore the challenges that believers face in their interactions with people of other faiths and cultures. Our particular emphasis is on helping build bridges of understanding with people of Indian faiths, especially with Hindus.
  • We often consult and counsel with people who work cross-culturally providing help with the cultural or psychological issues they may face in adapting to and working in very different contexts.
  • We teach in both academic and informal settings from our expertise in
    • spiritual growth
    • scriptural interpretation and application
    • cultural awareness and adaptation
    • personal and family mental health (especially with intercultural challenges)
    • Christian Barriers to Jesus (traditions that unnecessarily alienate people from Jesus)
    • missions theology, history, and strategy in light of the Christian barriers
  • Fostering creative networks and partnerships between ministries and the marketplace to reduce financial dependency and enhance the front-line significance of believers who are in the workplace and should serve the Lord there.
  • Networking—we identify needs and connect people who have solutions to those needs.

Our Affiliation

In January, 2017, Journey Services was invited to become an affiliated ministry of COMENSERV. Our advocacy for respectful, understanding relationships with Hindus resonated with their similar involvement with and advocacy for respectful relationships with Muslims.

COMENSERV’s director, Don Tingle, has been a long-time friend and colleague. We have met and talked over many faith issues over the years. It was an honor to be invited to partner with COMENSERV by someone we respect and from whom we have learned so much. You can view some of Don’s writings about understanding Muslims at his Writings by Tingle.

Journey Services in its association with COMENSERV is an exempt organization as described in section 501(c)(3) of the US Internal Revenue Code: EIN 31-1481932.

The IRS classifies COMENSERV as an “integrated auxiliary” organization, and does not require annual filing of any version of Form 990. If you check the COMENSERV record on Guidestar or other charity watch sites, this explains the absence of a Form 990 there; the IRS does not require it.